Embrace® Neonatal MRI System

Offered Italy exclusively through ALPA

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Take the Complexity Out of Scanning NICU Patients

The Embrace® is a powerful, point-of-care neonatal neuroimaging system designed specifically for use on premature and critically-ill babies inside the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Unlike traditional MRI methods, the Embrace generates high resolution images for confident clinical diagnoses, while eliminating the Radiology scheduling and workflow challenges often associated with scanning these vulnerable patients.

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The Embrace® is offered in Italy exclusively through our valued partner, ALPA.

Embrace® delivers big benefits for NICU patients, parents & staff.

Less Risk, Less Stress

Babies remain comfortable and safe inside the NICU for scanning; mitigating the risk of infection, while reducing stress on the patient, the parents as well as the NICU and Radiology staff.

Save Time

Scanning can be completed in under an hour, without the added planning, coordination and transport time required for traditional MRI scanning.

Boost Productivity

Simiplify your workflow, use less resource and increase productivity by scheduling neonatal scans on a dedicated scanner within the NICU.

Quality Imaging for Diagnostic Confidence

Embrace® provides sharp, high resolution axial, sagittal, coronal and oblique MR images of the neonatal brain, enabling confident assessment, diagnosis and treatment of critically-ill NICU patients. Embrace® generates quality imaging you can count on.

Embrace Quality MR Imagess

Quality MR Imaging

Embrace® generates quality dicom images within minutes of the scan in a range of pulse sequences.

Embrace MR Image Comparison

MR Image Comparison

See for yourself how Embrace MR image quality compares to competitive 1.5T scanners.

DWI Case Study Images

DWI Case Study

Early detection of ischemic brain injury using diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI).

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Embrace — A New Virtual Experience

We invite you to explore the advantages of point-of-care MRI and discover what only Embrace® can deliver in our new interactive 360 Virtual Experience.  View clinical images, informative videos, access product information, and see for yourself how the Embrace® is transforming neonatal neuroimaging from the inside. Its powerful diagnostic imaging that delivers big for your smallest patients.  

Embrace® On-Demand Webinar Series

SPEAKER: Wendy Slatery
Chief Commercial Officer
Aspect Imaging, Ltd.

This insight presentation introduces the many benefits of the Embrace® Neonatal MRI System and explains why this breakthrough technology is no longer a nice-to-have but is now a necessity for every NICU.

SPEAKER: Tobias Gilk
Senior Vice President

A perspective on how the Embrace® substantially reduces or completely eliminates the environmental risks associated with standard planning, design and construction requirements needed for traditional MRI scanners.

SPEAKER: Dr. Eliel Ben-David,
Neuroradiology Section Chief
Shaare Zedek Medical Center

The utility of the in-NICU MRI scanner for chronic, sub-acute, acute and hyper-acute clinical scenarios is addressed with a presentation of corresponding patterns of brain injury on MRI.

Embrace® Product Information & Resources

Embrace Neonatal Neuroimaging Inside the NICU

Product Brochure

Transformating Neonatal Neuro Imaging Inside the NICU

EMBRACE-Case Study- Assessing periventricular white matter lesions

Case Study

Assessing periventricular white matter lesions in a 37-week-old infant with neonatal encephalopathy

EMB-Early detection of ischemic brain injury - Case Study

Case Study

Early detection of ischemic brain injury using diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI)

Product Brochure

Transforming Neonatal Neuroimaging Inside the NICU

White Paper

Rethinking MRI Demands in a Post COVID-19 Environment

EMB-Early detection of ischemic brain injury - Case Study

White Paper

Mitigating Infection Risk in the NICU

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