System Benefits

Advanced Features for Enhanced Patient Care​

EMBRACE® the New Standard in Neonatal MRI

MRI technology has proven to be a powerful tool for assessing and diagnosing neurological conditions in pre-term and term infants. However, its benefits have had to be carefully measured against the potential risks associated with prepping, transporting and scanning these vulnerable patients outside the NICU environment. Until now.

Embrace Delivers…

> A comfortable environment for the infant, without leaving the NICU.

> A simplified & efficient workflow for the NICU & radiology staff.

> Quality, point-of-care Imaging capability for quicker results & diagnosis.

System Features & Benefits

Customized Patient Bed

provides a temperature-controlled environment for the infant with cable management for resuscitation, IV lines and patient monitoring leads.

Self-Shielded System

requires no special MRI room and the 5 Gauss line is within the magnet covers so NICU bedside equipment, staff and parents can remain close by.

Full-Color Video Display

enables medical staff and parents to maintain continuous visual contact with the baby.

User-Friendly System

is easy to operate and compatible with all standard PACS.

Designed for the NICU

requiring minimal space and eliminating the need for traditional 4-zone rooms, and the need to maintain colder temperatures in the room.

Less Acoustic Noise

than conventional MRI systems means less disruption to the patient and staff.

A Patient-Focused MRI Solution

The Embrace®  system’s compact, high-performance magnet technology is sized specifically for neonatal brain imaging.    

See how the Embrace® can be a perfect fit in your NICU.