Quality MRI Scanning Right Inside the NICU

Embrace Point-of Care Imaging Technology

Embrace® Neonatal MRI System puts state-of-the-art, brain imaging technology right where its needed most, inside the NICU. This innovative approach gives radiologists and neonatologists the critical information they need –more quickly and with less risk — to confidently  assess, diagnose and treat neonatal patients.

Quality MR Imaging

Embrace provides sharp, high resolution axial, sagittal, coronal and oblique MR images of the internal structure and function of the infant’s brain. DICOM images are generated within minutes of the scan for immediate viewing and are stored on PACS systems.






A Patient-Appropriate Imaging Solution

Embrace delivers efficiency, image quality and consistent results, all in a system designed specifically for your smallest patients.

Permanent Magnet:

  • 1 Tesla Field Strength, horizontal B0 field
  • 5 Gauss Line confined within system cover
  • 0 External Magnetic Field
  • 150mT/m peak gradient strength, 5 times higher
    than 1.5T MRI systems


  • Sequences include:
    • Gradient echo
    • Spin echo
    • Fast Spin echo
    • MPRAGE
    • DWI and ADC maps
    • Irsnap (T1 Mapping)

Patient Bed:

  • Temperature-controlled bed with clear view, dual access compartment doors.
  • Environmental temperature setting range of 20.5–36.5 ° C
  • RF enclosure with multi-portals allows for easy routing of tubing and
        monitoring leads
  • Accommodates infants weighing 1kg to 4.5Kg with max. head
       circumference: 38 cm

RF Head Coil:

  • Transmit-Receive head coil with integrated connector is designed specifically for infants
  • Solenoid design is most compatible with horizontal B0 field
  • RF coil inner diameter is 143 mm

Compatible Monitoring Systems:

  •   MIPM Tesla M3 Patient Monitoring System
  •   InVivo Expression 3160P MRI Patient Vital Signs Monitor
  •   Philips Expression MR400 MR Patient Monitor

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Aspect Imaging is a global leader in the design and development of compact, MR imaging systems for Pre-Clinical and Medical applications. Through state-of-the-art technology, Aspect Imaging offers innovative point-of-care MRI solutions, including the Embrace® Neonatal MRI System, which is designed to facilitate enhanced patient-centered diagnostic capabilities inside the NICU. 

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