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Embrace a transformative approach to your next NICU design project with the Embrace® Neonatal MRI System. Designed specifically for use inside the NICU, the Embrace® helps mitigate infection risk, while eliminating the challenges, complexity and stress associated with having to transport a critically-ill infant to radiology for scanning. It’s a game-changing concept that delivers big benefits in a small footprint. And, unlike traditional imaging systems, Embrace® features a unique self-shielded design, so there are no special construction, electrical or cooling requirements.

Learn how the Embrace®can transform your NICU design and help you create a safer, more productive, family-focused care environment for your client’s most vulnerable patients, their parents and staff.

The Next BIG Thing in NICU Design is Here!

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The Embrace® Neonatal MRI system is not only transforming neonatal care from the inside, its taking NICU design to a whole new level.

Transform your next NICU design with Embrace®

embrace system

Unique System Design

Embrace® requires no special room construction, backup electrical supply or cooling system.

A Perfect Fit

Embrace® features a small footprint and requires a minimum room size of only 14′ x 18′.

Self-Shielded Magnet

5 Gauss line resides within the unit, eliminating the need for 4 zone design.

Taking NICU Design to New Heights

The Embrace® is uniquely designed to facilitate installation without the added complexity and challenges associated with traditional MRI systems.

Embrace® System Information & Resources

Mitigating Infection Risk in the NICU-WP

Mitigating Infection Risk in the NICU

Informative white paper explains how policies, procedures and even a new approach to NICU design can help reduce the risk of infection for fragile NICU patients.

FGI Guidelines

FGI Guidelines

Neonatal MRI System Site Preparations — Exemptions For Typical MRI Siting Standards expert report.

webinar featuring Tobias Gilk

Design Considerations for Innovative MRI

Tobias Gilk, trained architect and Senior Vice President of RADIOLOGY-Planning,
provides an architectural perspective of how the Embrace® system substantially reduces or eliminates environmental risks associated with standard planning, design and construction requirements of traditional MRI scanners.

Embrace Product Brochure

Product Brochure

The Embrace® helps to keep patients, parents and staff in their comfort zone with a transformative, family-focused approach to neuro imaging inside the NICU.

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