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July 24-30th is MR Safety Week in North America!

July 29, 2022

The American Society of Radiological Technologists has deemed July 24-20, 2022 to be MRI Safety Week!

What is MR Safety Week?

The week was inspired by the anniversary of an MRI related death of a 6 year old boy who died in New York as a result of a steel cylinder bring brought in an MRI room during his procedure.

The week was created to recognize diagnostic imaging teams from across North America for their role in helping promote excellence and best practice in MR safety.

What are the potential risks of MRI?

  • Projectile or missle effect – metallic items can launch into the MRI if not secured
  • Patients with surgical implants containing metal could have fatal injuries if placed in MRI

Want more information?

There are some amazing resources to keep you and your patients safe during MRI at:

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